Cybersecurity Threats: Detect in Depth
Principles for Applying a Layered, Focused Model
Brent Huston, Security Evangelist and CEO, MicroSolved, Inc.


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Event Description

Join the Business of Security Executive Forum to hear from Brent Huston, Security Evangelist and CEO, MicroSolved Inc., and gain practical advice on how to build and execute the most effective strategy for detecting threats against your most precious assets.

This briefing will lays the need for and principles of performing detection in depth. Given the rapidly growing attack capability of criminals and nation states, the information security community must begin to shift efforts away from the focus of prevention and evenly distribute their resources around prevention, detection and response. As these changes occur, the solutions and architecture of performing detection in a layered, increasingly focused model, emerges as the leading approach for effectiveness.

This discussion walks you through why this is so and begin to explore some of the ways that organizations can achieve effective, mature detection in depth.


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