Risk Management: “Is Your Visibility Severely Clouded?”
How to evaluate, improve, and maintain your organization's visibility
Jack Jones, Risk Management Insight

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Is Your Visibility Severely Clouded?

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Visibility Analysis


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Effective risk management begins with visibility. No organization can rationally claim that it's managing risk effectively if it doesn't have good visibility into its own risk landscape. How many connections to the Internet do we have? What kind of information is being stored on and processed by those Access servers in department X, and how are they secured? Mobile media? Access privileges? End-point systems?

The fact is, most organizations are not able to prioritize their risk management efforts effectively because they lack visibility. The result -- surprises. And very few surprises in risk management are good news.

Join risk management expert Jack Jones, Founder and President, Risk Management Insight, who will share a key strategic method from the FAIR risk management framework for evaluating, improving and maintaining your organization's visibility.


Jack Jones, Founder and President, Risk Management Insight

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